Pentredwr Community Centre gong bath 11th August 7pm

Bigger capacity.

Our sound therapy sessions are the perfect opportunity to re-engage, reset and recharge your inner core.

Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, enthusiasts believe that gong baths can help reduce stress and liberate emotional blockages. Scientific evidence suggests that certain forms of sound therapy prompt damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves. Some tones are thought to promote vitality and healing, and also to enhance happiness.
PLEASE arrive 15 mins early for your session because you will need this time to settle. Please enter quietly if late, it’s fine.
As your heartbeat lowers when you relax during a session, so does your core body temperature. Please bring your warmest blankets, duvet or even a sleeping bag as some often do! This will make your overall experience much more pleasurable.
I cannot carry tickets over at the present moment and there isn’t a refund option. You can sell or pass your ticket to family or a friend for the event you have booked.
Please let me know in advance if you are pregnant (after first trimester is fine), have a metal implant (contraceptive coils are fine) or pacemaker, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, or have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you.
£15 advance exchange


Aug 05 2021


7:00 pm




Pentredwr Community Centre
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  1. Steph

    Hi What time does the event finish please as I have prior commitments later on in the evening x

    1. treedrum

      8pm x

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