Manchester Yoga central – The Celtic Fire of Beltane. Yoga into Gong Healing. 28th April 2024

Tuatha Dé Danann. Sharon ( My Yoga Seed) & Craig ( Gongholistic) bring you an evening in celebration of The Celtic Fire of Beltane. Lets come together to bid farewell to Spring and welcome to Summer.

There is a belief that our ancient ancestors came together in ceremony to celbrate the pagan festival of Beltane. However the exact rituals & ceremonies are long lost to the realms of history and will forever remain an enigma. Now is the time when we come together to reimagine and also create new rituals – new traditions as we revive The Celtic Fire of Beltane.

We will start our evening with a saining ceremony – cleansing our auras & opening space & you are invited to bring along tokens derived from nature to gift to our communal altar. Our Yoga practice will take us on a journey of exploration into intuitive movement inspired by the creatures of the forest. Igniting our inner agni – our primal inner fire. We will practice kapalbati – the breath of fire as a means of deeply internalising our practice. Sharon will then take you on an ancestoral healing journey meditation to prepare you to be bathed by the sound of the gongs. Connecting with all of the cauldrons of our inner being to bring about release into healing and rejoicing in gratitude for all.  This ceremony is open to ALL.

This will all take place to a backdrop of celtic rhythms, candlelight, poetic wisdom & teachings by todays Celtic Shamans and of course some sacred oil blends crafted by Sharon and  synonymous to The Celtic Fire of Beltane.  Fáilte.

Not suitable for children under the age of thirteen, people with pacemakers and pregnancy in their first trimester.

Let me know in advance if you have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you.
If for some reason you cannot come, please contact Sharon
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Apr 28 2024


6:00 pm



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Yoga Central
Victoria Warehouse, Manchester
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